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Thalasso Cosmesi

The Sea, from the greek “Thalassa”, a wide and fascinating world.
Incessant motion of its water is essential for life all over the planet.
Its blue color, intense and deep, lies a world full of energy and life. Due to its chemical characteristics, similar to blood plasma, the sea water is a source of nutrition, health and wellness.
Kleraderm creates Thalassocosmesi inspired by the sea virtue as rejuvenating source of beauty and harmony, ideal partner in the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and water retention appearance.
Salt crystals from the Dead Sea, marine minerals and elements involve you in a journey of beauty and well-being smoothing, purifying, relieving heaviness, swelling and stress to reshape your body.
Unforgettable immersion in the same harmony between purity and energy of a wave over the skin.

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