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Amber and Argan Body Care

The use of Amber is lost over the centuries. As holy incense and amulet, today Kleraderm is the only one who makes it an exclusive beauty active, partner of Wellness and Wellbeing in the best SPAs worldwide.
The Baltic precious resin contains a large amount of Succinic Acid with detoxifying and draining power and imprisons the secret of beauty thanks to the strong connection with Nature and Earth allowing a deep harmony between body and soul.
Kleraderm offers Amber Charme as multi-sensory spa treatments that combine detoxifying Amber’s property (powder – grain – balls – nuggets) with nourishing and elasticity of precious Argan Oil. Effective against the signs of dryness and dehydration, it restores skin firmness and acts as wrinkles and strecth marks global corrector.
It infuses with an intense and seductive scent that stimulates your smell, reactivates your mind, enhances the senses relieving stress and muscle tension.

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