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Aromatic Bath

The sinergy of two worlds in a warm and scented bath of well-being and pleasure. A multisensory equilibrium, psychophysical harmonious blend of vegetable and marine environments. The energy and the virtues of the Dead Sea salt water coupled with the sensual and cosmetic efficacy of Essential Oils.
The high concentration of salt, minerals and trace elements of sea water nourishes and purifies the skin, activates the osmotic processes to help drain and eliminate toxins and fluid retention. It restores tone and beauty to the skin.
Essential Oils derived from the distillation of flowers, fruits, barks and resins act to reach deeper tissues. Their action is effective against cellulite marks and sagging skin.
At the ideal temperature of 38°C the water bath gives off intense aroma that pervade the room and inebriate the innermost spaces of mind where feelings and emotions originate and oils’molecules can invigorate or relax soul and mood.

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